Play with Quest!

We want to create a fun way to win money! As well to get local restaurants and companies involved. Just follow us, find the chest, and win! It's that easy. Follow us on Instagram @questusa for clues and more details.


What Is Quest

Quest is a fun way to win money each week! We will be giving away free money and giftcards to the first person who finds our hidden chest each week. We will start with two chests, one in the SLC Utah area and one in the provo/orem Utah area. Just follow the clues and find the chest, its that easy!

  • How Do I Play?

    Follow us on instagram to see where and when we will be hiding the treasure chest.

  • Follow the Clues On Instagram!

    We will be updating everyone on instagram where the treasure chest with the winning code will be. The longer it takes the more clues we will give! And no you wont have to dig anywhere, it will be in plain site.

  • Direct Message us the code inside and win!

    As soon as you find it, take a picture with it, and txt us the code. Make sure you are following us to win the prizes!